Where it all began

I began cooking at the tender age of four. Whilst I only have a vague recollection, my mother tells the story of the birthday cake I made her with flour, tomato ketchup, milk, eggs, butter, orange juice and chocolate buttons! After such a shaky start, it’s a wonder I find myself making my living as a chef!

More than thirty years later, having spent time working in fine-dining restaurants, high-end event catering companies and as a private chef alongside my day job, the time came for me to follow my joy and feed people full-time again. This time I am doing it differently.  I am sticking to what I do best and bringing you amazing food as a private chef. Whilst I love the adrenalin rush of service in a professional kitchen and being part of a team, I want to have a relationship with my customers to ensure they receive the best food possible, tailored to their specific requirements – food with no compromises. I am happiest making delicious food from quality ingredients, injecting surprising levels of flavour into the healthiest of foods and helping people who are frustrated and bored by dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances. My nutritionist friend Mark says I deserve a Michelin star for what I can do with broccoli!

Having completed IronManUK, the Lakeland50 ultra mountain marathon, cycled from Edinburgh to London and across the Western Cape of South Africa and other endurance challenges, I have personal experience of the significance of precise and relevant nutrition. I place a high level of importance on the nutritional value of the food for good reason – different lifestyles and different digestive systems need different nourishment. The amount of activity we do dictates the types of food we should be eating, and I am constantly surprised at how much effort people put into their physical training, but then neglect their diet.  I avoid processed and refined foods. Instead I use the best quality local ingredients, and by treating them with care and cooking them with imagination, I maximise the flavour whilst retaining their nutritional value.   To get the best from our bodies we need to be kind to them and fuel them correctly, and it is possible to do that and still eat delicious, mouth-watering food.